Første Roller Derby kamp i Danmark

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Total Smack Down

Copenhagen Roller Derby presents:

TOTAL SMACK DOWN – the first real Roller Derby action in Denmark!

Be there when Gent Go Go Roller Girls from Belgium challenge the Rollin Heartbreakers from Copenhagen in the first Roller Derby bout in Denmark ever!

Roller Derby is a cross between hardcore athletic sports and rock’n'roll! It’s speed, hot pants, hard hits, aggression, red lips, strategy, full contact, tattoos and bruises. It’s ladies only on skates in a crazy badass underground sport for modern amazons.

On April 16th Kulturkajen Docken opens the doors for Eurotrasher, Saboteur, Agent Anger, Lina Lunatic and all the other hard hitting ladies for THE TOTAL SMACKDOWN and afterparty with C.A.P.S. and DJ Sticker Svin. Plus cheap bar!

Roller Derby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and has roots back to the 1920’s America. Its all-female and played on old fashioned side-by-side roller skates. Copenhagen Roller Derby was founded in September 2009 and the ladies have worked hard to build a skilled team that can compete against the best teams in Europe.

Doors open 17.30. Bout starts at 18.30
Tickets: DKK 70,- [ link: buy tickets ]

Afterparty with band C.A.P.S. and DJ Sticker Svin

Sponsor: Kulturkajen Docken

Read more about Copenhagen Roller Derby:

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