Sammenlægning af Roller Derby teams

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Fra Roller Derby afdelingen er kommet nedenstående pressemeddelelse – dog på engelsk.

Press release:

The two Copenhagen based teams: Kick Ass Cuties and Copenhagen Rollin Heartbreakers merge under the same league:

Copenhagen Roller Derby


Roller Derby skater

Since the two teams met for the first time at Friday Night Skate in Copenhagen, we have spent a lot of time together and we all agree that there is a very good chemistry and energy between us. We consider this to be the most important criteria for a merge between the two teams. Roller Derby is about having fun and empowering each other and we think we can do this even better together rather than with two separate teams in Copenhagen.

The structure will be that Copenhagen Roller Derby League remains the official league and there will be 2 teams: Kick Ass Cuties and Rollin Heartbreakers.

Kick Ass Cuties - logo logo
Kick Ass Cuties will be the training team. Everybody who’s skating/training with Copenhagen Roller Derby automatically becomes part of the Kick Ass Cuties Team. Rollin Heartbreakers will be the Bouting team. This means you can become a member of this team if you have passed minimum skills and are accepted by the training group for bouting.

All paying members of the league will automatically become member of Vesterbro Rulleskøjte Klub (VRK).

The Copenhagen Roller Derby League fan page will remain and the individual team fan pages will be closed. We encourage all fans to move to the league fan page as all future announcements and events will be posted there. We are all very excited about this merge and look forward to seeing you on the Copenhagen Roller Derby fan page and at future bouts or events.

Derby Love

Copenhagen Roller Derby, Kick Ass Cuties and Rollin Heartbreakers

3 Kommentarer til “Sammenlægning af Roller Derby teams”

  1. Hello from overseas! I’m with the North Star Roller Girls in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). We are planning to host a “Derby around the world” themed bout for our 2010-2011 season and are hoping to garner some Derby swag from leagues all over the world to give away as prizes and also to use on our giant world map to highlight international derby leagues. I was wondering if your league would be willing to donate a few stickers, pins, patches, or maybe even a t-shirt for this. Anything you could donate for the event would be awesome!

    Please let me know at your earliest convenience, and I can get you our address if you’re game. :)

    Thanks so much,

    ~Sly Jinx,
    North Star Roller Girls,
    Minneapolis, MN, USA

  2. Christina

    Hej rollers :)
    jeg ville rigtig gerne vide noget mere om hvornår i evt holder “try outs”, og hvordan man kan komme med på holdet :)

    knus christina

  3. Durakill Bunny

    Hej Christina. Du er meget velkommen til at komme og prøve Roller Derby. Du kan se alle træninger på vores facebook side:!/group.php?gid=112737370177
    Bare meld dig til træningen og skriv hvad du har brug for at låne. (skates, hjelm, beskyttere) så finder vi noget til dig. Du kan også skrive en mail til mig på
    Hits & hugs. Durakill Bunny


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